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Proper Mag Issue 22

Proper Mag Issue 22


Issue 22 of Proper Mag. The original independent, swear-y magazine for blokes who like clothes, but aren't really into clothes, and who have more than a passing fondness for not taking things too seriously. It even has half-naked women in this one, if you're into that kind of thing (it's quite artsy tbf).

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But putting the scantily clad women to one side, there's absolutely all sorts in this issue. They've done away with the thematic model of previous issues in favour of delivering 118 pages of the highest quality content.

There's an inside scoop on the latest adidas Spezial collection, interviews with everyone from a bloke who goes around getting photos of graffiti in Liverpool which denotes who has been a grass (I did that interview, by the way) to the blokes behind Adsum. Also, there's a stand out interview with James Brown, of Loaded fame, who's plugging his new book all about five-a-side/drugs.

There's an Oi Polloi feature on big jackets; words by Ian Hough (Salford's very own Hunter S. Thompson) on Donald Trump; a favourite five feature by author David Nolan; and photos from the personal collection of, Blossom's very own, Charlie Salt. And quite a bit more besides.