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Tuesday Crown Green Bowling League Week 1

It absolutely tubbed it down earlier, right at post-work dog walking time. As soon as it stopped, it was time for Reggie to head out. I guessed the park would be pretty quiet when it came to other dog walkers, so it'd be a good opportunity for a spot of training.

It was much easier to get Reggie's training going when we were based up on the moors outside town, but the park gives a miles easier walking route. Ying and yang.

Anyway, like I say, I thought the park would be pretty empty tonight given the inclement weather and impending thunderstorms. Before slipping off his lead, I took a quick look down the path and up the hill to see if any loose dogs were around that might be too tempting for Reg.

There's a bowling green on the other side of the tennis courts, but the view is obscured by trees and the incline. We once ran into a rowdy but friendly Staff on there, so when I could see a load of people on the green, I thought that there must have been some sort of meet going on.

Turned out to be bowling. Loads of it.

With British Summer Time coming into force a couple of days ago, the Tuesday Crown Green Bowling League is back. Even though it's just pissed it down and the ground is as soft as you'd expect for what's essentially a big lawn in East Lancashire at the end of Winter, there's loads of bowling going on.

On the one green there were four games being played at once. I'm not sure what the rules are in terms of which direction you roll the Jack out to start a new leg, but three games were all aiming towards one corner at one point.

I got some funny looks when I kept taking pictures. And even more funny looks from Reggie when he wasn't allowed to go and retrieve the balls which were rolling past in front of him.

But I got more "Hello"s and welcoming nods from the majority of old folk and a couple came over and spoke to us when their game brought them near our vantage point.

Anyway, I'll get to the pictures, as that's the point of the post.

Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.