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Social Media Experiment: Making An Instagram For Your Dog

The fact that Reggie, my labrador, now has a dedicated Instagram account isn't as pathetic as it sounds. I mean, it is pretty pathetic that Reggie, my labrador, now has a dedicated Instagram, but it's a bit of a social (media) experiment too.

I've read a lot over the past 18 months or so about "How to succeed at Instagram", "How to get more followers on Instagram", "How to use Instagram for business", and so on. One thing all these blogs and stuff have in common is that your account should:

  • Have a consistent theme.
  • Have a consistent style.
  • Have a consistent subject.
  • Post consistently.
  • Consistently post good looking images.

So, seeing as I take way too many pictures of Reggie already, he's pretty photogenic and we head to some pretty decent locations (hillsides and pubs in the main), @ReginaldTheLabrador was born.

All the ingredients are there. And he's about to start field training in earnest, and I've never done that before, so there's even a storytelling element to engage people. You'll be able to chart the progress of how we get on.

So, yeah, give him a follow and see how this project unfolds:

Anyway, what prompted this experiment, or at least what gave me the final nudge to give Instagram a fresh start, was an article, on The New Yorker, which explores the lives of the people behind popular #vanlife accounts.

Even if you haven't consciously seen or followed these accounts, you've seen the aesthetic that #vanlife entails: pictures taken from the inside of a converted van, looking out onto a sunset over a beach; two sets of legs, one female, feet crossed, with two surfboards stuck in the sand, and a caption saying, "Another hard day over."

But reaching the level of following the #vanlife for a living does include a lot of work. There's a whole lot of prep work in editing the shots and working out optimal times to post. All the stuff that I'm trying to find out about during my own personal #DogOnInstagram experiment.

#vanlife pros also do a lot of product placement. For the record, I'm not trying to make a living by putting loads of pictures of my dog on Instagram. Far from it. I'm just looking to see if what all the advice out there says still works under their new algorithm.

It's not like he's going to go viral either. He's nowhere near as talented as this fucking legend...