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The Real Life Moonlight Neighbourhood In Pictures

Johanne Rahaman is a documentary photographer who is embarking on a real journey. She has spent the past three years documenting black Florida's everyday life, including inside a Miami neighbourhood, Liberty City, which was the home of Chiron and his antagonists in 'Moonlight'. She intends to stay there for the next 19 years to add to the already 35,000 strong photographic collection of what life is like across Florida.

Whilst the state of Florida seems to pride itself on having the strictest law makers in the whole of the US, plenty of people will tell you that the odds seem to be heavily weighted against the black community.

This isn't the place to get into the weighty discussion on the socio-economic problems which perpetuate racial tensions in many parts of America and in particular Florida. But it is the place for taking a look at the mesmerising pictures taken by Rahaman.

She's engrossed and become one with the community in Liberty City. She's most probably an aspect of life there now. An unseen all-seeing eye.

Whilst press photographers will visit in order to document man-hunts and the aftermath of gang shootings, neighbourhoods like these have lives that must go on. Before, during and after the TV vans have left, the day to day carries on.

Just like some of the more subtle and touching aspects of 'Moonlight' explore (as well as the overarching theme of Chiron trying to find an acceptable identity, of course), Rahaman is doing an important job of documenting what life is like when you're living as a statistic.

There are stereotypes, of course, but there are plenty more engaging and engrossing people and street scenes in these pictures that Rahaman has released.

Having shot some similar style of documentary photography, there's a lot of admiration for her ability to capture people's character in these shots. It takes a lot of nerve to get into a community and get them to trust you to document them with a camera. Couple in the fact you also need to make the images come out well too... yeah, well played Johanne. Well played.

Take a look and visit her site here. Find the project on Instagram here.

This post's intro was updated on 03 April 2017 following feedback from the photographer.