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Pull & Bear x Marc Márquez Promo Mag And Sticker Book

It's good when brands make a proper effort. Especially when it comes to collaborations.

In the same week that Patta x Mephisto have apparently done little more with their collaboration Rainbow shoe than make it two tone and add an additional Patta tab on the upper, the promo material for the Pull & Bear x Marc Marquez collection landed in the thingandwhere email inbox.

The collaboration itself is what you'd expect from the Zara subsidiary brand when working with a Spanish 3x MotoGP Champion. There's nothing else to add on that front really.

But the magazine and sticker book which were produced as part of the collection's launch show a brand going the extra yard. Add in the free entry fan event in Madrid going on as I type and you have to admit they've gone the extra mile.

It's little touches like this that appear to collectors, enthusiasts and people who appreciate the little touches. For an entry level high street clothing brand to keep such attention to detail is to be commended.

The magazine (above) is essentially a lookbook come press-pack for the launch event but there's also a clever stick book to be had. Everyone does stickers now, but this is the first time I've seen a full sticker book of options being given away.

It's a nice touch. More stuff like this please, brands.