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The Relaxing Face of ASMR - A Frozen Polar Icebreaker Idling For 10 Hours

As far as my understanding goes, ASMR uses repetitive noises to provide a physical response. This can be things like a video of a person cleaning a table with a damp cloth next to a microphone in a silent room, to try and create a tactile response to an auditory communication. Or it could be somebody rubbing their stubble or tearing pieces of paper or snapping twigs. Or something more peaceful like the sound of someone sleeping.

If it sounds a bit weird, I think that's because it is. Especially when video commenters are saying stuff like, "Such a good video, well done for thinking of cleaning a table. Can you sit on a cream cake in next vid?"

But when done properly it's addictive viewing. Videos often turn into a back hair tingling, tension filled experience.

And ASMR videos are huge. There's a whole ASMR community who are into it massively. But there's plenty of weirdos over on that side of YouTube. Weird comments even by mainstream YouTube's standards and even creepier whispers from ASMR vloggers.

Here's a video by Relax Sleep ASMR. 10 hours worth of audio of an idling, stationary icebreaker in the Arctic ocean. If you've ever enjoyed just watching the snowfall through a window on a winter night, then you'll appreciate this video.

It's ASMR meets white noise relaxation tapes. Enjoy it whether you want to unwind in the dark and drift off to sleep or get down to some focused work.