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More Pictures Of New York - This Time In The 1960s

Long time readers of thingandwhere will have seen that mid-20th century New York holds a special level of charm.

It evokes all the right thoughts and feelings that you want from a place. From reading J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye's version of New York, through to learning about the explosion of hip-hop culture; all aspects of New York from the 50s to the 80s are fascinating. Visually and audibly, it's a feast for the senses.

The icy cold winters and hot, hot summers.

The crime. With iconic cop cars crawling around. The stories of the mob and the teamsters running the city. Whilst the bankers got rich in their skyscrapers before abandoning the city, leaving it to the junkies, punks and drug dealers. The real vermin who later got swept from the streets.

The nightlife. The Ivy class city with its cocktails before taking in broadway, then discussion about where to spend the summer. Then, later, brown-bag liquor and a seedy peep show.

The women. With afros and hot pants, walking down the street to a soundtrack booming from stoops and windows, ready for a night of Disco. Whilst there's the image of others, shopping in Manhattan wearing their finest penny loafers and macs, with spoiled Ivy League men boringly dating them.

The food. That massive slice of pizza shared with Josh in a place down by the ferry terminal. The Italian restaurant where an NYPD cop pretended to arrest us for our behaviour on the subway. The deli's that are on the to-do list next time we visit.

Street culture and the tribal warfare of the famous street gangs. Urchins roaming in packs, keen to use attack as the best form of self-defence. Before streetwear, which would take over the world.

The Godfather and Sweet Smell of Success. Taxi Driver and The Warriors.

They all show a city which was a brutal and exciting place to live. Nights out, no matter the era, were seemingly music filled and fraught with danger. Filled with similar feelings to those in my own youth (but if we'd been in 70s New York, the stakes would have been a hell of a lot higher than a punch-up in town and at worst a spilled pint).

So, here's some images from 1960s New York. It's a less documented period of time in the city - maybe everyone was in London? But it's where the post-WWII bubble's slow puncture was starting to take effect, but well before the crumbling dystopia that was the 70s and 80s had fully come home to roost.

Takayuki Ogawa is the artist, from Japan, who captured this great piece of photo reportage.

Take a look at a city on the brink.

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