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The Prince And The Pauper Book Crowdfunding Project

Here's a thought provoking photography project, by San Francisco based photographer Horia Manolache. The award winning photographer, who has worked with Forbes and Mercedes amongst other companies, has captured portraits of homeless people from the local community and juxtaposed them with an additional portrait where the model is depicted in their dream job role.

There's a crowdfunding page on indiegogo, where Manolache's book The Prince And The Pauper can be funded and signed copies (as well as other goodies) can be earned as a reward for getting the book into print. You can even just donate as little as a dollar and proceeds will be donated to homelessness charities. Here's what Manolache had to say about the project, which was inspired by Jim Goldberg's legendary "Rich and Poor" on exhibition in San Francisco,

My project is about the dreams of the people who have forgoten to dream or couldn’t dream. They reached a moment in their life when they don’t have food, water, they don’t have a place to wash themselves, the bank took their house, their mind is unsettled from war horrors or they are wanted by police for an unpaid bill.

Now imagine you are in this moment and you want to dream.

My book will be about them and the moment when they had the pace to dream and to speak with somebody about their problems without fearing anything. And you will see beautiful people with beautiful minds.

This project initially started as a class project whilst he was studying towards his Masters at San Francisco's Academy of Art University. But it quickly grew into something a lot more important when Manolache became moved by the people he met. He rewarded his subjects with donations of food, clothing, tools to fix their cars (if they had one) and a place to sleep. You can also help them by donating on the donation page.

If you like projects like this, you should check out Lisboa: A Tale Of Two Cities...

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