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Some Pictures From Edinburgh

Missed a couple of blog posts lately, but took some photos and got them edited instead. There's not really a narrative to follow, unlike with Lisboa, these are just a reportage (ish) snapshot of what I saw whilst walking around Edinburgh. A log of things which looked interesting.

There was lots to like, on what was a first visit to the city, and I didn't get shots of everything.

Maison Bleue was an excellent French bar-restaurant and our waiter hailed from where I used to holiday as a child in Brittany. Whilst the Albany Ballantrae Hotel was only 5 minutes down the hill from Waverley station, but the neighbourhood felt a world away from the hustle of the historic hub of Scotland's capital.

Anyway, enough waffle, here's some of the pictures. The full view of the collection is available on the Work page.

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