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Pictures From Paris

Having not been to Paris for a number of years, I was transported back to wandering around on of my favourite cities and watching the people go about their day.

Whether or not these life portraits were taken in Paris or not, they would still be as striking. Though, I think, the people captured are distinctly Parisian. Particularly the lad on the Metro stairs.

It's the only place I've been on the lash with the lads and the whole group has been struck by the beauty of the buildings, the settings and how well dressed many of the people were.

A city which has a bit of a polarising opinion amongst people I speak to, it's a place I really like. And these photos by Skander Khlif capture the mood of Paris that I enjoy. Enjoy.

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Lisboa is a hard copy and high quality, 20 page, A4, table top photo-documentary which tells the story of one 24 hour period in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. Following a timeline from the early morning of one weekday through to the early hours of the next, this project captures the changing face of a varied city.