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Harry Gruyaert's 1982 Tour de France Colour Photography

Magnum Photos have revisited and showcased this brilliant collection of Harry Gruyaert's photographs which document the 1982 Tour de France. There weren't many photographers working in colour when covering Le Tour during that era, but Gruyaert was working for Elf as opposed to the press.

His work became a piece of reportage photography which was showcased in Paris and released in the form of a book.

In Magnum's blog post, Magnum Cycling author Guy Andrews (founding editor of Rouleur cycling magazine) discusses the photos and it's well worth a read. Even if you're not a massive cycling fan but a fan of photography, sport and history - like me.

If you enjoyed this collection of photographs, you will love an issue of Victory Journal.

Victory Journal Issue Eleven

Victory Journal Issue Eleven, 'Body & Soul'