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Sunday Football by Chris Baker

Hoxton Mini Press are releasing this brilliant snapshot of the nation's favourite past-time, Sunday Football by Chris Baker.

A former amateur players with hopes of making it professionally until he was 17, he fell out of love with the game. He had a few unsuccessful trials and turned away from his childhood game. Fast forward a few years and, like many of us, he rediscovered the game in its Sunday League format.

Playing with the lads and playing with a stinking hangover. It's competitive but it stops with the full time whistle. No pressure, just fun with your mates and then back to the pub for some hair of the dog and a chip butty.

Personally, the last time I played Sunday League was a few years ago. But the book brings memories good and bad. The wonder goals (not mine) and missed sitters (mine). Fights and moments of laughable stupidity. And the time we played on a pitch so muddy that my boot kept getting stuck and coming off.

Ah, football, isn't it?

Sunday Football by Chris Baker is available from Hoxton Mini Press on 1st September.

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