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Subtly Stunning Book Cover Designs

I don't know why these didn't get posted sooner. I think I got busy doing other stuff, so, sorry about that. But, in short, these are great book covers.

Yes, I did just judge them. And they get two thumbs up from me.

Magnus Voll Mathiassen, an illustrator from Oslo, is the man behind these striking covers of Gyldendal's reissues of Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, Orhan Pamuk and Ian McEwan. The Gyldendal publishing house makes yearly releases of classic texts in pocket book format.

Pocket books themselves are a nice concept on their own, before you consider adding great cover designs like Voll Mathiassen's. Affordable and transportable, we can all thank Penguin for making them such an accessible choice when it comes to purchasing our reading material. And not just accessible in terms of affordability (Penguin's core belief) but also in terms of convenience. A copy of Frankenstein stuck in my pocket even passed the time on a solo three hour rail journey home from a football trip, recently.

But these Gyldendal copies make the accessible beautiful too.

The technique used is obviously contemporary, but Voll Mathiassen has weaved in the appearance of printing and design techniques from when some of the novels were first released. Off-centre balance, inconsistent kerning, depth of colour and minimalist design choices make these look truly special.


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