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Breaks Magazine Issue 1 Is On Sale Now

I once photographed Lost Art skate shop, Liverpool, and the images ended up being used by the online iteration of Breaks Magazine. The lads there share many interests with me (and I guess you, if you're a regular reader of this blog or the magazines we sell in the store); a bit of fashion (trainers, t-shirts and jackets and that), some music and skating.

Skate legend, Arto Saari, talks about Leicas and how photography means more to him than skateboards.

Skate legend, Arto Saari, talks about Leicas and how photography means more to him than skateboards.

Although my short-lived skating career is twelve, no, fourteen years over (Christ), I still passively enjoy what I did most when I was actively skating as a young teen; the clothes and general aesthetic and attitude of pro-skaters.

The feature on cover star Lucien Clarke is one of the standout features in terms of photography and some of Samuel Smith's writing is excellent. It was great to see Arto in there too.

Here's what the lads have to say about it,

It’s been four years since we launched Breaks Magazine as it’s first iteration, a quarterly digital publication. Since we started, our mission has always been to create 100% original content that centred around individuals and projects spanning; Skate, Fashion and Music. We feel like we’ve continued to achieve that. As our output has progressed in quality, notably over the past 12 months, we felt it a shame to let such incredible content live online. Though the online space is amazing and it serves a purpose we, like many others, craved seeing our stuff in print. We spoke wide eyed about releasing a print magazine, about six months ago and here it is - the first physical iteration of Breaks Magazine. We’ve continued to do what we’ve always been passionate about - talking to people who intrigue and interest us. There’s none more intriguing than cover star Lucien Clarke. We spent the day with the Supra/Palace/Supreme skater as he showed us around his neighbourhood, explaining his opinion on the UK skate seen as is and the importance of family over everything else.

For the price of a pint and half of lager, you'll be surprised by the quality of feature inside.