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Moving Photos of WWII Couples

Here are some romantically special images of people in love being torn apart before and reunited after one half of them has been taken away by one war or another.

Although some images are poignant and moving, others must be viewed with a hint of scepticism. For example, THAT famous kiss in Times Square after Japan surrendered and ended WWII was an expression of excitement between two strangers and not the loving, passionate embrace between a long-lost couple, like the myth once had us believe. It is, no less, still a lovely image.

Some of the images in this collection do feel staged; but I'm sure they are representing what went on between real couples, real people, going through real anguish and elation when there were no cameras present.

Other images are truly brilliant though; perfectly timed pieces of human history captured on film.

Showcased by Fubiz, these images add extra poignancy to an element of wartime that the textbooks often forget.

Couples celebrating the end of WWII

When they had said goodbye a few long years earlier...

...with many of them never to be reunited

Though WWII did afford the chance for some lovers to meet despite being from other sides of the world. Here, an American soldier embraces his English lady

In all parts of the world...

A GI and his English girlfriend

A special homecoming during WWII, Britain

Of course, people don't come back quite the same as they were before

And another homecoming in Britain

This, taken in 1945 in Connecticut, says it all

Then coming home can allow old habits to return

French soldiers, evacuated from the marauding Blitzkrieg across the channel with their loved ones. One can only imagine the relief and wonder what they were thinking when looking across The Channel at their exiled homeland.

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