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Expect lots of wordy things - independent magazines primarily - with plenty of reportage photography and great bits of design. There will also be occasional pieces of written reportage stories. It all comes down to time.

A Bit Of News and 20% Discount

If you are wondering where all the posts from Bharat are, he is sending plenty of material through but currently doesn't have the time to post himself. The phrase "snowed under" springs to mind.

In terms of myself, I am very pleased to have added another writing string to my bow; this time for the influential In Bed With Maradona. I am jointly heading up the Subculture element of their site.

You can check it out here, just be prepared for lots of posts about Paul Pogba and Italian Curvas.

We will also have some more magazines and stickers coming into the store in the coming weeks. Just waiting on delivery now.

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