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Who Likes Notebooks? Casual Connoisseur Do

Dan, one half of Connoisseur (aka The Stockport Supreme), has taken part in 'Who Likes Notebooks?'

Although we have never physically met in real life, we have interacted across the internet for close to ten years now. I never actually realised it was that long until I just typed it. Crikey.

I can safely say that he is the type of person to always have a notebook and pen on him, noting down product ideas, recommendations and favourite ales.

I had forgotten about these weatherproof efforts that he uses. A very good choice.

He said, "Always like these and this is my fave pen as well." And on the second pen, "These too, my Dad used to bring boxes of them home from work when he worked in advertising, stuck with them since school."

connoisseur notebooks
pentel pen

If you'd like to take part in the project, get involved on Instagram.

Take a picture of one of your notebooks, tag @thingandwhere and tell everyone a little bit about it.

Where did you get it? Why do you like it? What do you use it for? How often do you use it? What will happen when it's full? Who made it?

Cheers, Paul (& Bharat).

P.S. If you aren't on Instagram, you can email