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Who Likes Notebooks? Anna Does

She was going to get a photograph, but she's had plenty of those.

She was originally going to get a Leon cookbook, but it felt impersonal.

Next to those were a nice collection of notebooks.

Then I remembered she once bought Grandma Mary a posh book that was filled with questions on the contents page and then a ream of blank pages where she can write the answers.

The questions were along the lines of "Where did you and Granddad meet?", "Do you remember mum telling you she was pregnant with me?" And the last page includes the instruction, "Now hand this book back to me and let me learn about your life."

Then I thought about that scene in The Sopranos when Artie cooks the rabbit he shot on his allotment for Tony and the family. He has to pull out his old book of hand written recipes to find what to do with it. He falls back in love with cooking proper, homestyle, southern Italian food. He caters for his lifelong friend and his family in their time of need, after closing time, and after he and Tony haven't been getting along lately. The food brings happiness to everyone.

This book might do that one day.

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