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Lisboa is on sale in London this weekend. #PopUpMagShop

The good people at Phoxpop Magazine are having a pop-up indie magazine shop in London this weekend. Some of my own favourite mags - including Delayed Gratification - are on sale, so it is with great pleasure to say that Lisboa will be on sale there too!

If you have any pre-loved magazines that you no longer need, the guys will gladly take them off you and add them to the, Guiness world recording breaking, Hyman Archive. This is the world's largest collection of magazines (of all types) that has been created for historical and research purposes, and, well, just because, I guess. And Lisboa will be a part of it all.

How good is that?

Check the event out on Saturday if you are in the vicinity; and get your own copy of Lisboa on the link below, if you aren't.

If you want to read more about it, the event has been featured on Time Out and To Do List.



Lisboa: A Tale of Two Cities

Lisboa is a hard copy and high quality, 20 page, A4, table top photo-documentary which tells the story of one 24 hour period in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. Following a timeline from the early morning of one weekday through to the early hours of the next, this project captures the changing face of a varied city.

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