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Victory Journal Issue Ten is here.

Well, to be more correct, it is actually there, over in the store, ready for you to purchase. The actual physical copies are here, next to me, but you get the general idea.

Titled "Arts and Letters", this issue focusses on the artistic side of sport (doesn't it always sort of do that?) and features an especially good feature on the guy behind American sports mascots and another on the Williams sisters.

We have got it available for only £10. A great price for a serious piece of magazining.

Whilst you are in the store, check out some back issues, which are now on sale price as we are down to the last handful of copies.



Victory Journal Issue Ten


This issue of the acclaimed New York magazine has been eagerly anticipated for a good while. The theme this time is sport meets art, so there is an even stronger visual element than usual, with the usual exploratory reportage to go with it. I'm sure this magazine gets bigger with every issue. Here's what the makers themselves have to say about it,

From “The Loser,” Gay Talese’s studied portrait of a boxer in decline, to the fascinating story of Bonnie Erickson, the former Henson Studios designer who became the cornerstone of the mascot industry—we looked at the people, places and things that offered an offbeat angle to the art of athleticism. It manifests in every page: whether it’s street photographer Cheryl Dunn’s photos of the decadent, rowdy Triple Crown crowds juxtaposed against the larger-than-life baseball art of Raymond Pettibon, or Bronx-based sculptor John Ahearn’s surreal “lifecasts,” Victory Journal turns the concept of sport on its head, presenting a familiar world in unexpected ways.