Reportage Photography, Writing, Independent Magazines and Graphic Design


Expect lots of wordy things - independent magazines primarily - with plenty of reportage photography and great bits of design. There will also be occasional pieces of written reportage stories. It all comes down to time.

It's a deal, it's a steal...

etc. etc.

Anyway, Lock Stock quotes aside, we are down to the last handful of a few of our magazines and we want rid. Go fill your boots/coffee tables on this little lot;

Victory Journal Issue Nine

Here is Issue Nine of the ever popular Victory Journal. They keep raising their own bar higher and higher and this issue, their ninth, is titled 'Youth'; focussing on that period in every sportsperson's life where you play your favourite sport, right on the cusp of it becoming either a paid career or simply as a competitive hobby, like the rest of us. Victory 9 meets school-age amateurs, budding stars and pleasure participants from inner city fields, college campuses and remote corners of the world. Like many things in that period of our lives, sport is a world of unlived glory and future possibilities; Victory Issue 9 captures that beautifully.

Issue 9 is bigger and better than ever, including a more hardback-like and durable construction but still in the same large, pictorial led style seen in earlier issues. And only a fiver?! You'd be crazy not to.

Victory Journal Issue Eight

Victory Journal Issue 8; 'Heroes and Villains'.