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Unsettling Photos Of A Model Posing On Top Of Skyscrapers

I don't really know what to say about this instagram account. I like the concept, I think, but it does make me feel a bit queasy, even though I'm not afraid of heights. Though, to be more accurate, whilst I am not afraid of heights, I am wary of falling off high things whenever I end up somewhere high. Granted, that isn't often, but, like, a ladder when cleaning a window or painting a wall or whatever. Yeah...

Anyway, the link to this account billed it as "the cutest daredevil on Instagram", so I clicked it expecting to see a cat or a pug doing mental stuff.

What you find is actually a human model (Angela Nikolau), posing as if she is in a H&M look-book whilst lying/standing/sitting on the precipice of some of the world's tallest buildings. Mental. Absolutely mental. But it works. She's composed, calm and tranquil; to the point where it makes where is sat and the views behind look even more daunting.

Well played to her and her photographers.

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