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Disconcerting Mirror Photography By Leonardo Magrelli

Featured on the It's Nice That website, Leonardo Magrelli, a photographer from Rome, has put together an unnerving and haunting collection of images titled 'Meerror'. The premise is to capture the view that a mirror holds of a room when nobody is stood in front of it to view it.

Obviously, this is an image which we can never see. And it is probably something we all doubtless tried to achieve at some point in our childhood. But the straight on, portrait angle when you view yourself in a mirror is never the same as viewing it from a tight angle at the side. And that latter kind of view is enormously different from what a mirror sees when we are not there.

Meerrors provides that image and it was done, Magrelli says, without extensive digital editing-out of the photographer, but with multiple shots and setups being combined together in an intricate process.

Magrelli also talks about, on his site, his desire to make a comment on the fact that, in this selfie era, people are becoming more open to showing and expressing vanity by viewing their portrait in picture form with more ease than previous generations.

But these images look to capture the antithesis to that. Before selfies, we had mirrors. And we never see what the mirror did; we see only ourselves.

Until now.

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