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Photos Of Everyday Life In Egypt

I went to Egypt, once.

I went to Sharm in a 5* hotel for about £250 on a last minute deal. Two weeks in 40 degree plus heat, all inclusive lager and a Hard Rock Cafe where the chefs would compromise on their attitude to pork and include bacon on your burgers for an extra £25.

Here are a few other things that I remember about Egypt.

  • It's hot. Like, so hot that you lie there sweating from every pore in your body and get a proper sweat on when walking to the bar for a lager.
  • I banged my head really hard on a tiled floor. Which hurt. It was in the hotel hospital clinic when I passed out waiting for the girl I was with to receive an IV drip to replace the fluids she lost from having the shits so bad. I also got the shits.
  • I got the shits.
  • The fish are smart.
  • Weird hotel entertainment. The evening entertainment in the hotel was a guy spinning round really fast for a really long time.
  • You can get McDonalds and KFC delivered.
  • The locals on the market thought I looked like a young Yasser Arafat. And they kept putting scarves on my head and taking pictures.
  • I watched Any Given Sunday twice in one day rather than talk to the girl I was with.

As you can see, it was a mixed bag of a holiday. Probably erring on the side of shit. Especially when I had the shits.

What isn't shit is the idea of seeing countries and people going about life in a way completely different to how we did round our way. Whilst staying in Sharm, I didn't go to Cairo because I was on a budget and couldn't face 8 hours both ways on a coach. I am unlikely to go now because, well, is it even safe?

I'm not finding out.

I'll stick to looking at ace photos of everyday life in Egypt, like these by Ahmed Gaber.


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