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East Meets West In 'The Land Between Us'

Two respective Chinese and Dutch photographers, Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa, have explored the deepest corners of the wild, natural world and put together this project. The Land Between Us.

Both Kai and Scarpa had been making a name for themselves in their respective home countries, both being nominated for up and coming talent domestic awards. In 2013 they crossed paths and began working together on joint projects in 2015.

This first project looks to showcase the natural world and the spirit of travel in a hazy, beautiful lens. Full of glare and macro detail, with a sprinkling of isolated figures or silhouettes, this is a great alternative to natural travel photography which is more commonly seen. Wide landscapes or dramatic wildlife shots aren't the focus, they're out-and-out art pieces instead. And they're all the better for it.

In their words, the technique looks to represent the poetic and harmonious world they wish to create together. At the same time, they're blurring the lines between different cultures and attitudes that man imposes on the world when, really, we are all just sharing the same space.

You can browse the full collection on the pair's website, here. But if you would like to view some travel photography in a completely different setting, in cities like Rome and Lisbon to be exact, then check out our own work.

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