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Manchester In The Morning

I've always spent a lot of time in Manchester whilst growing up. Being dragged around record shops on Oldham Street, countless afternoons at Old Trafford cricket ground and then, later, dragging parents back around the shops myself. Nowadays, it's a place of work and relaxation both. Living in a small town thirty minutes away, it's as if the big city over the hill offers the chance to dip into a more cosmopolitan and fast paced world. It also is a gateway to the wider world beyond; London is two hours away from Piccadilly station.

It was for this reason that I passed through MCR this week; to board the 0910 to London Euston. Whilst walking across town to the station, the city was waking up for the working day ahead. Commuters streaming out of Victoria and Piccadilly, homeless folk catching up with each other and rearranging their bedding, tired looking builders already hard at work building the new tramline between the aforementioned railway stations. There is an expectant hum to a city at this time of day. One which is almost as enjoyable as that self-satisfied but well earned feeling, which resonates around any central business district, from 4.30pm onwards, on any given weekday.

But, when the sun is shining like it was on Thursday, I think I prefer the sense of promise which the morning brings.