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#Surroundings; An Instagram Project

A few weeks ago, I started documenting the interesting sites around my neighbourhood. It's an interesting mix of tiny, village sized quaintness complete with stunning scenery, which also comes with a lot of the trappings of a former mill town; empty houses and factories, a pretty strong presence of drugs, two pubs and an Indian restaurant. What makes it interesting though is the way all of the latter stuff is juxtaposed with genuinely breathtaking scenery. A guy from Renault who came to pick up my car for a service said, 'I never knew this place existed. It's like a little French village with those hills!'

To be fair, he was from Liverpool and I'm guessing hasn't been to France in a while but, yeah, he had a point. Anyway, this project aimed to put across the microcosm of urban-meets-rural that I am surrounded by, hence, #Surroundings.

Too often, Instagram seems to become a peacocking automaton of food, outfit pics and competitions; there are more than enough accounts out there though that still aim to meet the platform's primary purpose of showcasing interesting, contemporary photography.

I opened up the project to like minded folk on Instagram and a few people bought into the spirit, big thanks to the lads who already took part. This will be an ongoing project too, so please get involved via the hashtags #thingandwhere and #surroundings.

Below are some of the thingandwhere images, so far;

And here are some of the submissions, keep them coming;