Reportage Photography, Writing, Independent Magazines and Graphic Design


Expect lots of wordy things - independent magazines primarily - with plenty of reportage photography and great bits of design. There will also be occasional pieces of written reportage stories. It all comes down to time.

Store Update; Upping Our Print Game

Apologies for any inconvenience caused but prints will be unavailable for a short while (not too long, we promise), as we are changing the printing process and getting some experts in to do the job properly.

Judging by the samples, the results will be great though; using the highest quality inks; dead posh, German, gallery quality etching paper; whilst still offering the chance to choose any thingandwhere image from the Work pages.

Anyway, hope you're enjoying the sun and apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you were planning on purchasing something from the old print options, just send an email to and you can have a little treat to go with it for the trouble. And it won't be just a Curly Wurly.

Happy Thursday,

Paul & Bharat