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music #11; Tsugi Podcast 367: Zaltan

Found via FACT's site, here's a suitably eclectic mix that I've been rocking all week. It is currently playing in my imaginary clothes shop, that I own,  that you are browsing around, whilst I mess around on a laptop at the till.

You'll probably not buy anything there and then but will end up staying for a bit, flick through stuff, and I'll thank you as you leave. Then you'll buy it on the internet.

Tsugi Podcast 367 : Zaltan

Tracklist :

Terry Brook and Strange - High Flyer
Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub
Unreleased - LIES BLK08
The Gnocchi – Hard Parade
Ramirez - Orgasmico (Jose Manuel Revisted)
Black Merlin - Orbit
Unreleased - Inoue Shirabe - Soon on Antinote
Unreleased - Bell Towers - Soon on Public Possession
Unreleased - Soon on BFDM
Unreleased - Accem Myomi - Soon
Unreleased - Unkown artist – No return to the Jive
Unreleased - J-zbel – How I Made My Mom An Sis My Sexbot Slave – Soon on B.F.D.M
Unreleased - Mosey – Live A Little – Soon on Future Times
Unreleased - Soon on Antinote