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music #10; @ameremancunian's Friday Mixtape

A thingandwhere Instagram friend, Jonny, makes a Friday mixtape each week, with each one having its own theme. Having not done a music post for a while and seen as I love the original of the first track and number 3 in the list, here are his picks for this week with his introductions from the original Instagram caption.

The theme this week is cover versions.

1. Galaxie 500 - Ceremony. Utterly adore New Order's version (obviously) but this is just luscious. I could listen to this forever.

2. Stickin to covers of JD/NO for my second choice, Low's version of Transmission is beautifully haunting. Dance to the radio indeed. Just dance slowly.

3. There seems to be a bit of a thread so far of slowed down, heart tugging, gorgeousness. Taking up the radio baton (how fucking seamless are these links, eh?), if you've never heard it, you need to give The Jesus And Mary Chain's Peel Session version of My Girl a listen. Do it. Now.

4. If you aren't a quivering emotional wreck by now, Dax Riggs' cover of Are You Lonesome Tonight? should finish you off. That fucking voice, man.

5. I suppose I'd better take it up tempo for the last number, before you all realise that, yes, I am a miserable twat. About time the majestic Vaselines got a mention, so Nirvana's cover of their ace Molly's Lips rounds of this week's mixtape.

Nice one, Jonny!