Reportage Photography, Writing, Independent Magazines and Graphic Design


Expect lots of wordy things - independent magazines primarily - with plenty of reportage photography and great bits of design. There will also be occasional pieces of written reportage stories. It all comes down to time.

Welcoming Bharat

Here's the proper hello to Bharat. Alright, mate?

Whenever he isn't busy finishing his 7 year architecture course (nearly there, lad!) he is a design, trainer, Arsenal and cricket obsessive. I've had some glimpses of his work and it's pretty special. From a past life, I have some experience in the construction industry so know a bit about what I was looking at and was impressed. He has a keen eye for the little details and it's fair to say is a bit of a perfectionist, so his output always comes with a great aesthetic; even something as simple as the team announcements for Burnley Cricket Club on twitter. Which leads me on to how we know each other; he's one of the first people I remember playing cricket with and we've been friends pretty much since then, really. So, welcome, Bharat. I think you will all enjoy his input to future thingandwhere projects.

But enough of the love-in, here's a BTS picture from Lisboa, where he was getting persuaded into buying a round of leftover pão com chouriço whilst a sweaty drug addict was vying for his money instead.