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Jack Garofalo's Street Scenes from 1970s Harlem, New York City.

I love anything to do with 1970s New York. I dunno what it must have felt like to live there at the time; scary as hell at times probably but, mostly, a whole lot of fun, as it looks to be a city full of character, crime and life. A city seemingly oozing funk, soul, the birth of hip hop culture, cheap heroin is the stereotypical view, particularly the part of Manhattan known as Harlem. It's a complete antithesis to the tourist friendly, overly pacified, downtown part of the same borough that most people know today.

Jack Garofalo's images below really show how life is really lived, in the abstract sense, in a neighbourhood which has seen mass economic migration and rising crime and unemployment. Coming from a place with the same problems - albeit without the funk, sadly - it's fascinating how people under these circumstances pull together and have fun.

These images were taken by Jack Garofalo for a feature in Paris Match and were sourced from here, via Creative Boom.