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Signage of the Day

This is cool.

I think this has done the rounds before but it's resurfaced again this week and is well worth looking at again. The signage at Eureka Tower Car Park, Melbourne, Australia, combines bold colours, clear type and genius design in to something as mundane as directions on how to get round a car park. The inspiration came from the work of renowned 'optical artist' Felice Varini who has won awards for his single perspective and context dependent installations.

Here is a Felice Varini piece. Smart innit?

Besides looking pretty amazing, the fact that the words are only visible from just the right point means that it's pretty much impossible to get a clearer direction of where you should be heading than under this signage system. I suppose you would need some sort of colour key by the ticket machine or some normal (boring) signs to avoid people endlessly driving round to find an all too elusive perspective but, as an initial signage system, it's pretty hard to miss which way you should be going. And if you do miss the turning, as you drive away the words will become less and less distinguishable... and more legible as you get back on track. Genius.

Well done emerystudio and Axel Peemöller!

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