Reportage Photography, Writing, Independent Magazines and Graphic Design


Expect lots of wordy things - independent magazines primarily - with plenty of reportage photography and great bits of design. There will also be occasional pieces of written reportage stories. It all comes down to time.

welcome & an update

now then,

alright here, isn't it?

just so you know, there's a few bits going on at the minute;

  1. there is an instagram competition going on to mark the launch of the new website. head to @thingandwhere or this link to take part and help spread the word;
  2. Victory Journal and Mundial Mag will be available in the store in the coming week or so. two brilliant publications, with the latter featuring unseen images from yours truly and the former being a massive inspiration for Lisboa.
  3. a new thingandwhere publication - or at least partly, anyway - is in the pipeline and will be the start of a bi annual production, made with a couple of good groups of people; TRiCKETT and Teacake Design. if you like sports, pictures and remember Football Italia, you should be fan.
  4. once i get a free couple of days (soon!), there should be chance to use two new lenses that are currently on their way to me. fellow photo nerds will appreciate this but normal folk might too when they see the end results. the main thing though is that this should allow the whole original idea when setting up this thing to, finally, take shape; 24 Hours In A Northern Life (working title) should hopefully happen in the next few months.

so all that leaves, really, is to say, welcome to the new hopefully everything is working as it should but if you find anything wrong just give us a shout - via the comments below or by emailing - and any help will be repaid with a big, massive cyber-dap and the saving of a little cash in the store.

right then,