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thingandwhere is the experimental playground and glorified-portfolio-come-vanity-project of Paul Mortimer, an inbound marketing manager and writer. Occasionally, some close friends also put stuff on the blog and help out with thingandwhere projects. This motley crew are: Bharat Tripathi, an architect with lovely hair; Aidan Tate, the world's most well-read semi-skilled labourer and keen walker; and Matt Tomlinson, the youngster of the group who enjoys pies and football.

Paul splits his time between working as a manager at a respected inbound marketing agency and working on various writing gigs for some regular outlets who he really digs (see below), but he'll write for pretty much anyone. Even you!

He also has a passion for independent magazines, some favourites of which can be found in the burgeoning shop. There'd be more choice on offer, but thingandwhere currently lacks the backing to carry a larger range of stock. Hint hint.

Moving on, Bharat works as part of the design team at an established architectural practice near Manchester, and takes the lead role on any thingandwhere design work. Posters and shit, mainly.

Matt works as part of the marketing team at a well known, specialist golf travel company, and is still completing his journalism degree at Leeds.

Aidan is an English Literature boss and spent the past few years exploring the world. This joke makes more sense when I tell you that he has been travelling for a couple of years and bears more than a passing resemblance for Levison Wood.

All three of these jerks need to pull their finger out and write more. They're bloody talented. Though, to be fair, they're also double busy.

To discuss commissioned photography work, licensing or prints; writing opportunities; or any other enquiries, use the form at the bottom of this page.

Examples of Paul's work;

A rarely updated Contently page writing portfolio can be viewed here.

Inbound content for Digital 22 and their clients, ongoing from Spring 2016.

Subculture Editor for In Bed With Maradona, ongoing from Summer 2016.

Copy and Article writing for Proper Mag online and print, ongoing from 2014.

Feature article and photography for Halcyon magazine, early 2015 to late 2016.

Photography and written content for Mundial Magazine Issue 002, titled 'Roma (a)', spring 2015.

Lisboa; A Tale of Two Cities, edition of 100, 20-page print photojournalism piece, sold via various outlets in the UK and Portugal, early 2015.

Photography for Mundial Magazine Issue 001, titled 'Lisbon (a)', winter 2014.

Gallery exhibition and sale at Staff of Life Inn hotel and restaurant, autumn 2014.

Lost Art feature for Halcyon magazine, summer 2014.

Bionic Seven advertisement photography, winter 2013.

Examples of Bharat's work;

Bharat has worked in architectural offices in both England and India and after completion of a 7 year architecture degree at the University of Manchester.

Various thingandwhere projects since mid-2015.

Examples of Matt's work;

His portfolio is growing and will be added here accordingly.

thingandwhere Collective Projects;

Social media management and event marketing for Burnley Cricket Club. Strong customer engagement and growth via Twitter and general design services for Club events and marketing purposes, ongoing from 2014.

Worsley Cup Final 2013 official programme, ticketing and marketing services for one of the most historic club cricket competitions in England. Provided again in 2016.

Website design and management for a large construction firm based in the North of England.


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